Nestled among the rolling hills of the British countryside, you’ll find a special place where the gentle gaze of friendly donkeys greets you. Donkey Village is more than a sanctuary; it’s a home where love and care for these wonderful creatures are paramount.

Our mission is simple: to provide a safe haven for donkeys in need of a second chance. Each donkey in our village has a unique story, from those rescued from less fortunate circumstances to those who came to us as part of a loving handover. Here, they are given the opportunity to thrive in an environment crafted just for them.

The Donkey Village team comprises passionate caregivers, veterinarians, and volunteers who all share a deep commitment to the welfare of our donkeys. We believe that every animal deserves respect, love, and the utmost care. Our approach is holistic; we focus not only on the physical health of the donkeys but also on their emotional well-being.

Visitors to Donkey Village have the chance to learn about the special nature of donkeys, their behaviour, and their needs. We offer educational programmes and workshops that strengthen the bond between humans and animals and increase awareness of animal welfare.

Our fields and barns are designed to provide the donkeys with a peaceful and comfortable life. With spacious pastures for grazing, shelters for protection from the elements, and plenty of space to play and socialise, Donkey Village is a true haven for these gentle beings.

We are proud to have built a community that extends far beyond the confines of our village. Our adoption programmes and donation initiatives enable people to play a direct role in caring for our donkeys and contribute to their future.

Donkey Village is not just a place; it’s a promise. A promise to every donkey that crosses our paths that they will always have a place to call home, and a promise to our visitors that they will have an experience that touches their hearts.

We invite you to become part of our community, whether through a visit, adoption, or volunteering. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of donkeys who need our help and love.

Welcome to the heart of Donkey Village, where every bray tells a story and every day is a new opportunity to spread kindness.